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How to Make a Better Burger learn from the best restaurant at port orange

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Looking to spice up your next burger night at home? Well, who better to ask for advice than the home of expertly cooked burgers, San Diego Grill?


Join us today, as we bring you seven great tips for taking your homemade burgers to the next level.

Grind your own meat (seriously)


It’s easier than you think. If you have a stand mixer, buy the grind attachment, then befriend a butcher and ask for any of the excess trim—the fat and meat that comes from all parts of the animal.

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Tips For Improving Your Margarita

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The humble margarita is one of the most famous drinks in the entire world. With dozens of variations and seemingly millions of ways to create one, there’s always someone with an opinion on the best ways to do it.


Now, with that said, get ready for the absolute last word on how to put together a truly great margarita, courtesy of San Diego Grill.

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You’ve Been Making French Toast Wrongsan diego grill

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It’s Saturday morning. You’re all done sleeping in for the morning, you’ve pried yourself up out of bed, and taken to the kitchen to make the world’s easiest, most delicious breakfast.


French toast.


Only, you put it all together, using a recipe you learned when you were sixteen, and it is severely average.


What went wrong? What did you miss?


Find out, today, with five great French toast tips from San Diego Grill.

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